Inscription Community Guide

AVAV = A Very Amazing Victory!

First, you need an EVM-compatible Web3 wallet. In order to make the process simple and smooth, it is recommended to use OKX wallet, which can be done in one stop. Experienced friends can choose MetaMask or Avalanche chain official Core, etc. Make sure to back up and protect your mnemonics after creating your new wallet!! If someone sees your mnemonic, or you lose your help.
How can I view and transfer my AVAV inscriptions?
Before I saw many friends in the community asking how to check their inscriptions and how to put them forward. There is a myth here that the inscription follows your AVAX Web3 local wallet and is already in your wallet, not in the exchange. Avascriptions are decentralized exchanges (DEX), and only when the cold wallet authorizes the transaction, there is no need to advance the funds.
How can I sell my AVAV inscriptions?
Next talk about how to sell your AVAV inscription, I hope that by this step everyone has villa to see the sea Ha ~ First go to my inscription page, click 'List'. At this time to start creating your pending order, first determine the price, click on the red 'how many AVAX' will fill in the floor price to the price bar, then slowly modify the first box in the price, the middle arrow points to.