How to buy AVAV inscriptions? And some preparatory work

Step 1: Make sure you have enough AVAX tokens in your Web3 wallet
Step 1

Step 2: Click "Discover" in the lower right corner and pull down to find the Avascriptions Avalanche Inscription market

Step 2

Step 3: Click on "Three horizontal lines", click on the bottom line, then there will be many kinds of inscriptions, we have to choose AVAV

Step 3

Step 4: This is the time to choose which order to buy. These orders are placed on the market by other traders, and the prices are arranged from low to high. If your network conditions are very good, or overseas, you can try to grab the first row of cheap orders, but if you don't get it, you will lose some gas fees (that is, transaction fees), usually not much, between 0.05 and 1 US dollars. To be safe, you can choose a slightly more expensive order in the future to ensure that you can buy. The price information on the order is shown in the figure.

Step 4

Step 5: When the wallet pops up in this window, click OK, which means that you authorize the wallet to make this transaction. (Here is a small reminder, no matter what operations are connected to the wallet, even if you grow up to be an old hand, you should pay attention to this step, if you connect to a fake exchange, the phishing website of the scammer, and do not see the information about the operation that will be authorized above, you may lose all the tokens in the wallet by clicking to determine!)

Step 5

Step 6: If a checkmark pops up, indicating "Purchased Successfully", your purchase will be successful!
If it is a Red Cross, it means that the transaction has failed, don't worry, you can send screenshots to the community group to ask the big boss how to solve the ~

Step 6

At this point, your first AVAV inscription purchase is complete, congratulations on becoming a member of the AVAV family!